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A damaged or blocked stormwater drain can lead to terrible consequences such as flooding and property damage if not addressed quickly. Luckily, at Emergency Drains – our trusted customers call us 24-hours, 7 days a week to get their blocked stormwater drain issues fixed. Our team of professional and experienced plumbers can provide residents, office owners, or commercial property owners a full range of clearing and cleaning services to fix and prevent blocked stormwater drain problems. 

How to Look For a Blocked Stormwater Drain?

A stormwater pipe can particularly become hazardous as a result of heavy rain, flooding, and storms. Stormwater drains can be clogged with materials, infested tree roots, and other bits of debris that catch onto drain parts – creating a mass over time that blocks the flow of the drain. 

Do Not Attempt to Fix A Blocked Stormwater Drain By Yourself 

If you spot a blocked stormwater drain do not go near it or try to fix the blockage by any means. Blocked stormwater drains are dangerous without experience or an understanding of its infrastructure, you could potentially hurt yourself, others, or your property. Instead, call your local Sydney plumber as soon as possible so they can assess and fix the situation. At Emergency Drains, our team is equipped with over 10 years of technology and expertise to effectively fix your blocked stormwater drain. Trust us to help clear your stormwater drains all over Sydney

24/7 Emergency Blocked Drains Service  

Experiencing a blocked stormwater drain in the middle of the night? Not sure who to call? Luckily, Emergency Drains can clear stormwater drains at any time, and anywhere – 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever you require a rapid blocked stormwater drain response service – our plumbers at Emergency Drains are your first port of call. We offer a wide range of emergency plumbing services, and can travel all over Sydney to fix your blocked drains issues. 

Get in touch with us today on 1300 524 474 if you need help clearing a blocked stormwater drain. Alternatively, visit our site to learn more about Emergency Drains and the services we provide.

Free CCTV inspection
Blocked Drain sewer

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection

This is one of the most useful pieces of plumbing equipment used in clearing blocked drains.

The tiny CCTV drain camera is attached to a cable that is inserted into the drain. The view from this camera can be seen on a monitor above the ground and our expert plumbers are able to get a visual of what is causing the block. And after clearing the block – we can view it to see that it has been cleared properly.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

The high-pressure water jetter is the most efficient, effective, and safest method of unclogging drains.

It utilizes a motorised pump with adjustable nozzles that may be used for a variety of blockages, ranging from large jobs like unclogging sinks or toilets to smaller jobs like removing clogged kitchen sink pipes.

No-Dig, No-Mess Pipe Relining

If there is any damage, or we find a cracked or broken sewer pipe, we recommend the use of the no-dig pipe relining technique.

In this pipe relining technique, a new pipe lining made of a special PVC material is inserted into the damaged pipe.

This gives you a seamless, permanent drain, with the least amount of digging and disruption on your property.

Why Choose Us To Fix Your Blocked Sewer Drain?

Blocked Sewer Drains Sydney

Our expert drainage plumbers have 10+ years of experience.

Our blocked drain specialists use the latest and most advanced drain cleaning equipment. Blocked drains are not only annoying, but they can pose a real health risk. Emergency Drain’s team of plumbers are your local blocked drain experts in Sydney. Our team provides complete residential and commercial plumbing repair for your damaged drains.

Are you looking for a quick solution for your blocked sewer drain in Sydney? Emergency Drains is the perfect company for the job. We have years of experience helping local residents clear their drains and sewers and prevent future clogging.

We will form a quote before we start. We don’t have any call-out fees and if the problem is not solved, it’s free!

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We offer a Free CCTV Inspection on every blockage!

We clear slow running or blocked drains in the Sydney area. Our plumbers use hygienic methods and modern tools to unclog all types and sizes of drains.

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Had these guys out yesterday to replace my hot water heater. The plumber explained the different heater options and the pros + cons for each aswell as an upfront price. I was really impressed with the courtesy and respect I was shown

Raísa Jaqueline

Arrived on time, gave me a fixed price before starting and cleaned up as if they weren’t there. Happy to reccommend

Rhett White

Dave replaced our hot water system. He provides a friendly and professional service, at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend!!

Yvette Mechin

Hi, A very big thank you to everyone involved in installing a new drainage section at my place. The result is amazing as was the spirit in which the job was done.


We have used Dave a number of times for urgent issues, general maintenance and renovations. He is always fast to respond and a pleasure to work with. He is very honest and provides a number of solutions on what can be done to fix the problem to meet any budget. We wouldn’t trust anyone but him for all our plumbing needs and recommend him to all of our family and friends.

Laura Pike

Dave is a highly reliable, honest plumber who unblocked a drain in 1 minute flat after another plumber failed to fix it after spending over an hour. My go to plumber from now on. Highly recommended!


Lou Wijeyaratne