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All our plumbers are specialists in blocked toilets at your home or commercial premises.

Our diagnosis and clearing techniques will have your drain unclogged in no time.

Bonus: Free CCTV Inspection!

We clear blocked toilets in Sydney. We will unclog and clean blocked drains, sewer pipes, toilets, or stormwater pipes. Our plumbers work on emergency issues or maintenance.

We are open 24 hours. Call now ☎ 1300 524 474.

Our expert team knows how to quickly and efficiently clear stormwater, toilets, and sewer blockages for both residential and commercial properties.

We also provide pipe relining on cracked, broken, tree root infested pipes. If your pipe is continually blocking, our experts can reline it without the need for destructive digging.

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Toilet Plumbing FAQ’s

We’ll get your toilet flowing again.

Blocked toilets are frustrating, and you’ll need an experienced plumber who has years of experience cleaning toilet drains on your home or company.

Our plumbers like to inspect the blockage first to make a full diagnosis, and we offer a zero dollar call out fee. We will give you fixed price and this includes CCTV inspection. We’ll find out what is blocking the drain and stopping the flow of water. We offer very competitive rates pending the situation, please call for a free quote.

This happens more than you think, you could have had a few drinks, been in a hurry and your phone slipped out of your hand and dropped down the loo. Many people have not realised this and have flushed the toilet, it is not too late to retrieve it, but, you will need an expert to use CCTV to locate it and retrieve the cell using a drain snake or modern equipment to guide it safely back to you.

It can happen, and in most cases, the cardboard roll will clog up the toilet. Depending on where the blockage is, you can try to dislodge it yourself. If you’re like most, the idea of placing your hand or incorrect item down the toilet could very well, make things worse. It will require a professional plumber to come and visit to diagnose where the blockage is and use our specially designed tools to clear it.

1. Locate the blockage
If the blockage can be seen and removed, put on a pair of rubber gloves and remove the cause of your toilet clog. If the blockage cannot be seen, try experimenting with these different methods!

2. Dishwashing detergent and hot water
To begin this clearing method, get a bucket and fill it with dishwashing liquid and hot water. Pour the mixture into the toilet and let it sit in there for five minutes before flushing to avoid getting suds on surfaces around you or near windows that face the outside!

3. Use a plunger to unclog a toilet
Find a heavy-duty plunger with an attached flange and place its base on top of the toilet bowl before inserting it into the water so it’s completely submerged while slowly pressing down to remove anything stuck inside! Repeat.

4. Coat hanger method
An old wire hanger is the simplest way to unclog a toilet. Hook the blockage near where it’s lodged, not as far down your drain as you might think! This technique works best when the distance between you and the obstruction is less than 10cm.

5. For deeper blockages, use a plumbing snake/auger
A plumbing “snake” is a fantastic tool for removing stubborn toilet blockages. Its flexible wire can easily twist and turn through pipes, making it very effective in locating deep clogs that may have resisted all of your previous attempts to unblock them!

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We are a locally-owned, family-operated plumbing business in Sydney. All our plumbers go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our workmanship.

If you are experiencing an overflow of water, burst pipe and water leaks inside or outside your home. We are your number one plumbing company you can trust and call.

Our professional approach to clearing a blockage is always fast and effective. Our business works on plumbing and drainage.

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All our plumbers are specialists in clearing blocked drains in or near your home or commercial property. Our plumbers will diagnose and utilises proven clearing techniques and will have your drain unclogged in no time.

We offer a Free CCTV Inspection on every blockage!

We clear slow running or blocked drains in the Sydney area. Our plumbers use hygienic methods and modern tools to unclog all types and sizes of drains.

So whether you have an emergency or general maintenance plumbing – we are open 24 hours.

Call now on 1300 524 474 and we will clear and repair your drains fast!

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  • All plumbing services performed is covered by a lifetime warranty

  • We do not charge a call-out fee

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  • 10% discount for pensioners

  • Our plumbers go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction with our workmanship

  • Licensed & insured plumbers

  • 10+ years of plumbing experience

  • Complimentary CCTV camera inspection with every blocked drain

  • Our plumbers don't band-aid the issue

  • Onsite within 90 mins or $100 off the job

  • 5 Star plumber reviews

  • 30 Year Warranty on pipe relining

5 Star Customer Reviews

From our residential and commercial Sydney customers.

Had these guys out yesterday to replace my hot water heater. The plumber explained the different heater options and the pros + cons for each aswell as an upfront price. I was really impressed with the courtesy and respect I was shown

Raísa Jaqueline

Arrived on time, gave me a fixed price before starting and cleaned up as if they weren’t there. Happy to reccommend

Rhett White

Dave replaced our hot water system. He provides a friendly and professional service, at a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend!!

Yvette Mechin

Hi, A very big thank you to everyone involved in installing a new drainage section at my place. The result is amazing as was the spirit in which the job was done.


We have used Dave a number of times for urgent issues, general maintenance and renovations. He is always fast to respond and a pleasure to work with. He is very honest and provides a number of solutions on what can be done to fix the problem to meet any budget. We wouldn’t trust anyone but him for all our plumbing needs and recommend him to all of our family and friends.

Laura Pike

Dave is a highly reliable, honest plumber who unblocked a drain in 1 minute flat after another plumber failed to fix it after spending over an hour. My go to plumber from now on. Highly recommended!


Lou Wijeyaratne