5 Tips To Prevent Blocked Drains

Avoid blocked drains with emergency drains sydney. emergency plumber tips

No one enjoys having blocked drains in their homes. They often disrupt the functionality of a household and are frustrating and time consuming to clean. Emergency Drains is a plumber Sydney service with a team of experienced and professional plumbers who are equipped to tackle a variety of blocked drains in Sydney. Read the article to find out our best tips and tricks to preventing blocked drains.


Use a Grate in Your Kitchen and Shower Drains 

Avoid blocked drain emergency drain plumber sydney

Small debris is one of the largest culprits for the occurrence of blocked drains. That is why it is important to minimise the amount of small debris from entering the drains in the first place. One of the most common ways to prevent blocked drains is by using a grate drain or strainer.  Place it on the opening of the drain in your sink or shower. Grates and strainers are great for the kitchen to catch food waste particles. In the shower, a strainer is useful to collect loose hair, soap, and dirt – which are big contributors to blocked drains in the bathroom. To ensure the grates and drains do their job efficiently, be sure to clean the grates regularly. 


Avoid Disposing Oil in the Kitchen Sink 

Don't pour oil down the drain to avoid blocked drain, emergency drains sydney

Pouring hot oil down the drain may not seem like a big deal when you’re cooking in the moment. However, oil and grease are notorious for sticking to the walls of the pipes – often solidifying at room temperature, consequently causing blocked drains. The grease can build up over time alongside food particles or small debris, congealing the drain entrance. Avoid disposing oil down your kitchen sink and opt to collect the grease into a can or jar before disposing it in the trash bin instead. 


Clean Your Gutter and Blocked Stormwater Drain 

prevent blocked drains cleaning the storm and rain gutter. emergency drains

Cleaning your gutters is so important, especially during the Autumn season where leaves can clog them up and potentially cause damage. Removing sticks, leaves, and other debris from your roof is crucial for protecting the structural integrity of your property, saving time and money on a hefty bill in the long run. 

Clearing your blocked stormwater drain can prevent the drain from overflowing onto your property and potentially flood your home or surrounding areas. Water damage can cause significant damage to your property, which could affect carpets, wooden floors, and furniture – causing mold. This could also leave a huge bill that could simply be prevented. Regularly remove leaves and debris from your stormwater drain to avoid blocking the downpipes. 


Don’t Flush Anything Other Than Toilet Paper Down The Toilet 

Prevent blocked drains by don't flush items down the toilet. emergency drains

Do not flush non-toilet paper products down your toilet. Toilet paper is made of materials that are specifically designed to break down and be flushed down the toilet. Other products such as sanitary products, condoms, and wet wipes do not break down and therefore can block your toilet easily. If you run out of toilet paper, you can alternatively reach for the humble napkin, towel, or tissue – just remember to not flush them and dispose of them in the garbage instead.


Have Regular Blocked Drains Inspections 

blocked drain inspection by emergency plumber cctv drain inspection. emergency drains

No matter what, the pipes in your home or property will inevitably endure some form of wear and tear over the course of time – no matter their quality. By regularly maintaining your pipes, you can prevent further damage or problems from occurring in the future. It is recommended to have regular plumbing check ups every two to three years by professional plumbers


Key Takeaways 

All in all, there are many simple preventative measures you can take to avoid blocked drains. At Emergency Drains, our expert plumbers are well-versed in all things drain-related. Whether you are in need of emergency plumbers, general maintenance, or specific assistance – we can take care of it all. Get in touch with us or alternatively, visit our site for more on what we do.