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Called for an emergency at the clinic and arrived quickly. Cut and welded a pipe for us in 10 minutes inbetween patients! Efficient and great service. Dave was very professional.

sam arellano
August 25, 2022

Dave & Kyle were brilliant. Great guys, communicated well and great value for money. Highly recommended.

July 29, 2022

Taryn, Dave and the team where a pleasure to deal with. We had a water booster installed. They were professional and on time, and a pleasure to deal with.

December 9, 2021

David was very professional and well organised. He was aware of the problem area immediately and had our drains unblocked within the hour. His charges were reasonable. I would highly recommend his services.

Mel Lissa
November 25, 2021
John Levisohn
November 18, 2021

Fabulous response fixing blocked sewer

Michael Mcauliffe
October 10, 2021

Excellent service including communication

Colin Lewis
July 19, 2021
Shraddha Weir
June 1, 2021

David was a lovely gentleman who was prompt and efficient in unclogging the drains. I was informed when he was on his way and sent a link to track his location so I knew exactly when he would arrive. He was polite and considerate and explained the issue to me once he had fixed it. Definitely will be using this service again! Very reliable!

Andrew Muthurajah
March 8, 2021

Responsive and good communication prior to arrival. Then professional and efficient work done

Sara Zoé
March 2, 2021

I used Sharpline for an old toilet with bad pipes and called as a matter of urgency. Chad from Sharpline was very punctual, great communication, so friendly and incredibly professional. He gave us advice and a heads up to what would need to happen to fix the issue long term (which at the time we weren't in a position to do). I highly recommend using Chad as a plumber.

Greg Yates
March 2, 2021

Good fast professional service. A job well done. Highly recommended.

dean scali
February 16, 2021
Hanna Henniker Heaton
February 15, 2021

Thank you Chad for your help with our plumbing emergency. Such friendly, efficient and professional service. Couldn't be happier

Patrick Riordan
February 15, 2021
natalie olsson
February 15, 2021

Chad and Dave arrived on time, they even sent a text message before arrival with their eta which was very appreciated. The job was done quickly and professionally and at a decent price - will definitely call them again should we need a plumber!

Elyse Sharp
January 31, 2021

Fast friendly and professional service whenever we use these guys. Our go to plumbers!

Biljana Kovac
January 22, 2021

Excellent service! The plumber David came on time and was very helpful. Received a call to check my availability as well as a message letting me know when the plumber was about to arrive at my place. All in all great experience

David Sharp
January 6, 2021
warwick saville
January 6, 2021

Professional, reliable and friendly service. Excellent communication and expertise. The team is happy to provide advice, explain solutions and follow up any plumbing issues. We would definitely recommend to everyone.

Andrew Liu
December 11, 2020

Great Service provided by Chad! Really on time, professional and great technical skills! Would definitely recommend anyone who needs to resolve urgent sewer or pipe issues! Thanks Chad and the entire team!

Vision Tutoring Beeram
November 27, 2020

David is the best professional and he keeps customer as first. It is nearly impossible to find a person like him

Lauren OConnor
November 26, 2020

The team were incredible to deal with in every aspect. Efficient, friendly and more than a decent price! Thanks for saving us.

Koirala Shailesh
August 27, 2020

Chad is very professional, he helped us solve the sewage problem with minimum possible cost and time. He is very friendly and co-operative. Very happy with his service and would definitely recommend him to anybody.

Patricia Williams
August 10, 2020

Refreshing to see a company committed to providing professional service. They arrived on time, went about clearing the blockage and cleaned up after themselves. Thank You for your excellent service!

Rhett White
July 30, 2020

Really impressed with the tradesman who arrived to fix our blocked drain issue. He took the time to explain the issue and offered a solution which solved our problem. Thanks again guys

July 15, 2020

Turned up to help with our sht situation on very short notice. Great price, friendly guys and quality job with a quick turn around. Really appreciate it, thank you!

Danielle Forrest
July 14, 2020

David did a great job. Persevered until the problem was fixed. Happy to recommend him to anyone needing fast, efficient service.

Should You Tip a Plumber?

Dealing with tipping customs can be a confusing part of getting any kind of service, and plumbing is no exception. Many homeowners wonder, ‘Should you tip a plumber?, especially when faced with situations beyond the ordinary service call. 

Whether it’s the quick resolution of a midnight flood or the meticulous effort in a complex repair, understanding when and how to show appreciation financially can enhance the service experience for both parties involved.

While tipping plumbers is not mandatory, it’s a considerate gesture for services that exceed expectations. If a plumber delivers exceptional service, tackles a job that’s more complicated than initially thought or provides prompt emergency assistance, a tip of 10%-15% of the total bill is a kind way to express your satisfaction and gratitude.

Should You Tip a Plumber? – A Short Answer

When it comes to plumbing services, whether to tip is often met with uncertainty. Tipping a plumber is not required, but it is a thoughtful way to express appreciation for exceptional service. Plumbers often go above and beyond to ensure our homes remain in working order, from responding to emergency calls at odd hours to solving complex issues that take more time and skill than expected. Recognising these efforts with a tip, especially when the service has significantly impacted your comfort or convenience, reflects gratitude and acknowledges the hard work. While the decision and amount are ultimately up to you, a guideline of 10%-15% can be considered for truly standout service, creating a positive relationship and showing heartfelt appreciation for their dedication.

What Services Are You Supposed to Tip?

Tipping isn’t a blanket requirement in the plumbing industry, but certain scenarios might inspire you to extend this gesture of appreciation. It’s about acknowledging those instances where the service provided exceeds the norm, making your life easier and your home more comfortable.

Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Routine maintenance and inspections are the backbone of a plumber’s responsibilities, ensuring that your plumbing system functions seamlessly. These tasks, while essential, are typically straightforward and accounted for in the service’s upfront cost. 

Therefore, tipping for these services is not commonly expected. However, should a plumber go out of their way to provide advice, prevent future issues or offer services beyond the standard expectation, you might feel inclined to offer a tip as a thank you for their dedication and foresight.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are where the concept of tipping often comes into sharper focus. Plumbers who make themselves available for urgent issues, especially during inconvenient hours, demonstrate a commitment to your comfort and safety. Whether it’s a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a malfunctioning water heater on a holiday, their timely response can significantly mitigate potential damage and distress. A tip, in this case, acts as a token of gratitude for their quick action and the personal sacrifices they make to provide immediate assistance.

Complex and Time-Consuming Jobs

Some plumbing tasks demand a higher degree of skill and significantly more time than anticipated. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of an older home’s plumbing system or dealing with extensive repairs unforeseen at the project’s outset, these jobs test a plumber’s expertise and patience. 

When a plumber invests extra time and effort to ensure a thorough and lasting solution, offering a tip can be a meaningful way to recognise their exceptional service and the inconvenience they may have endured to complete the job to a high standard.

How Much Should You Tip a Plumber?

The amount to tip, if you decide to do so, can vary. There’s no set rule, but guidelines suggest considering the complexity of the job, the effort put in and your satisfaction with the work. 

A gesture of 10%-15% for exceptional service on a large job or a flat amount for smaller tasks can be a good starting point. Ultimately, it’s about expressing gratitude in a way that feels right to you.

Factors Affecting the Tipping Decisions

Deciding to tip a plumber involves considering several aspects of the service received. These factors help gauge the appropriateness of a tip and its amount, ensuring that your gesture aligns with the value and quality of the service provided.

Quality of Service

The quality of service is paramount when considering a tip. This includes the plumber’s professionalism, efficiency and how they interact with you throughout the service. 

A plumber who communicates addresses your concerns with empathy and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure a satisfactory outcome offers an invaluable service worthy of recognition. A tip in such instances not only rewards exceptional service but also reinforces the positive client-service provider relationship.

The Complexity of the Job

The complexity of the job plays a significant role in tipping decisions. Plumbing issues that present unique challenges or require specialised solutions demand a level of expertise and effort that exceeds standard procedures. When a plumber successfully navigates these challenges, delivering solutions that are both effective and enduring, a tip becomes a thoughtful acknowledgement of their proficiency and the extra effort required to resolve your specific issue.

Personal Discretion

Ultimately, the decision to tip and the amount you choose to give is a matter of personal discretion. It’s influenced by your overall satisfaction with the service, the rapport you’ve developed with the plumber and your financial situation. Tipping is a personal choice that reflects your appreciation for the service rendered. 

It’s important to remember that while monetary tips are appreciated, expressions of gratitude can also be conveyed through positive reviews, referrals and verbal thanks, each carrying its value and significance in the professional realm.

Things to Keep in Mind While Giving a Tip to a Plumber

Deciding to tip your plumber is a thoughtful gesture that can significantly bolster the professional relationship and show genuine appreciation for their hard work. However, there are several considerations to ensure that this gesture of gratitude is both meaningful and appropriate.

Timing of the Tip

The timing of when you give a tip is crucial for its intended impact. Offering a tip after the completion of the work is generally the most appropriate time as it allows you to assess the quality and outcome of the service provided. This timing ensures that your tip is a direct response to the service you’ve received, making it a genuine expression of gratitude for the work done to your satisfaction.

Method of Tipping

The method by which you choose to give a tip can vary based on what feels most comfortable to you and the service provider. Handing the tip directly to the plumber can provide a personal touch, allowing you to express your thanks verbally. 

Alternatively, digital payments or tips added to the invoice offer a convenient and contactless way to show your appreciation, especially in contexts where physical interaction might be limited. 

Whichever method you choose, the intention of showing gratitude remains paramount.

Including a Word of Thanks

Beyond the financial aspect of tipping, including a word of thanks with your gesture adds a layer of personal appreciation that can be equally valuable. A simple acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication can make the tip more meaningful and reinforce the positive impact of their service. Whether verbally expressed or written in a note, this recognition can go a long way in making the plumber feel appreciated and valued.

Alternatives to Tips

Understanding that tipping may not always be possible or preferred, there are alternative ways to show your appreciation that can be just as impactful.

Leaving a Positive Review

In the digital era, leaving a positive review online can have a significant effect on a plumber’s business. Such endorsements not only help potential customers make informed decisions but also boost the plumber’s reputation and visibility in a competitive market. Sharing your positive experience publicly acknowledges their skill and professionalism, which contributes to their business growth and success.

Referrals to Friends and Family

Referrals are another powerful way to express your appreciation. By recommending their services to friends, family and colleagues, you’re vouching for their quality of work and reliability. This not only helps to expand their client base but also serves as a testament to your trust and satisfaction with their services.

A Simple Thank You Note

Sometimes, a simple thank you note can be an incredibly meaningful gesture. Writing a personal message to express gratitude for their efforts and the difference they made can be profoundly impactful. It’s a tangible reminder of the appreciation their clients have for their dedication and hard work, reinforcing the value of the services they provide.

Summing Up

While there’s no obligation to tip plumbers, doing so can be a meaningful expression of gratitude for exceptional service. Whether it’s handling an emergency efficiently, performing complex repairs or simply delivering service that greatly exceeds expectations, a tip serves as a tangible thank you. 

Remember, appreciation doesn’t always need to be financial; leaving positive reviews, providing referrals or sending a thank you note are equally valuable gestures. In the end, acknowledging the effort and expertise of your plumber can strengthen professional relationships and ensure the continued provision of high-quality service.