Solution for Blocked Drain in Castle Hill

Blocked Drain Castle Hill Sydney Emergency Plumbers

Blocked drain can happen suddenly and with no apparent reasons. Or there have been signs which you fail to notice. Either way, when your drain in Castle Hill, Sydney, is blocked, the first thing a wise person will do is call a 24/7 emergency plumber in Sydney. However, if you prefer a more intuitive, adventurous approach, this is a quick solution idea for your blocked drain in Castle Hill, Sydney. 


What Can Cause Blocked Drain in Castle Hill, Sydney 

The cause of blocked drain can be personal, or external. In case of external causes, such as the weather or the environment in general, the approach to solve a blocked drain will naturally differ from one suburb to another. Hence, the emphasis on ‘Castle Hill, Sydney’ part of this article. 

Before delving into the potential causes of blocked drains in Castle Hill, Sydney, let’s discuss what Castle Hill is known for.

Among Sydney suburbs, Castle Hill is categorised as one of the more affluent ones. Since the average income per household in Castle Hill is above Sydney’s, it’s often described as one of Sydney’s safest and most wealthy suburbs. Most residents in Castle Hill, Sydney, are professionals or retirees or small business owners, which further drives the value of the neighbourhood there. 

Located 31 kilometres north-west of Sydney CBD, Castle Hill is a major industrial and residential area. It’s also expected to be further developed, with the planned connection to Sydney Metro and Western Sydney Airport. Not to mention the express buses to CBDs and prominent universities. Dubbed as the new business hub of Northwest Sydney, Castle Hill still has beautiful nature to boast, with the abundance of reserve, heritage parks and other green areas. To put it simply, it’s a lovely place to live, and is expected to attract more people to work or live there. 

Increased population means increased building and road projects, on top of the consequently increased waste going to the drain. This can lead to increased occasions of blocked drain in Castle Hill, Sydney. Not to mention the more personal causes to blocked drains, which we will discuss below.


Cause of Blocked Drain in Sydney: Debris

Fat deposits, food debris, hair and face waste, and other foreign objects which should not go down the drain but somehow did are among the common causes of blocked drain. 

Another reason your drain is filled with debris is if your drain experiences a strong, fast-moving stream of water such as flash flood or heavy rain. This torrent of water tends to carry mould, soil, leaves and other debris into your drain. 

Also, lack of gravity due to incorrectly built pipework can cause a build-up of debris in your pipes and drains, and causes a blockage. 


Cause of Blocked Drain in Sydney: Bad Pipes 

Broken or crumbling pipework, or badly installed pipework can cause problems to the flow of your drainage, which results in blocked drain. Additionally, invasive tree roots and aging pipe can also cause your pipes and drains to be blocked. 


Alternative Solution for Blocked Drain in Castle Hill, Sydney

The most simple, quick solution for a blocked drain in Castle Hill, Sydney, is to boil water and pour that boiling water into your clogged drain. Since boiling water can dissolve and loosen blockages, if your drainage problem is caused by debris or buildup of grease, this should solve your blocked drain. 

Prevention can also be the best solution for a blocked drain in Castle Hill, Sydney, as not having a drain problem is the quickest solution to blocked drain ever. This can be done by ensuring only human waste, mild soaps or detergents, and toilet paper go down your drain. 

However, if you’ve done your best (or simply have enough sense to do what you should’ve done to begin with) and your drain is still blocked, call our experts for blocked drains in Castle Hill, Sydney, who are available 24 hours and can reach your place in one and a half hour or less.