What Are The Differences Between Pipe Relining And Pipe Replacement?

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What is pipe relining?

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Pipe relining is a modern technology which involves repairing broken or leaking pipes from the inside by using existing access points. A plumber will use specific material to create a new pipe within the existing pipe.

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What is pipe replacement?

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Pipe replacement, as the name suggests, involves the removal of the damaged pipes and then replacing it with a brand new one. 

What is the difference between pipe relining and replacement? 

What Are The Differences Between Pipe Relining And Pipe Replacement
Pipe replacement can be extremely invasive and disruptive.

The major difference between pipe relining and replacement is the procedure used to repair damaged pipes. Pipe relining involves a plumber inserting a liner into the existing pipe to seal off all the cracks and leaks. On the other hand, pipe replacement is when the plumber completely removes the damaged pipe and installs a brand new one. Although pipe replacement may sound simpler, pipe relining is often recommended more than the other. 

Advantages of pipe relining 

  • Lower labour costs 
  • No reconstruction or rubbish removal costs
  • Less invasive and disruption to lifestyle 
  • No evacuation required 
  • Less time intensive
  • Long-term solution when done correctly
  • A longer warranty is often offered on relined pipes
  • More environmentally friendly 

Disadvantages of pipe relining  

  • Higher materials cost per metre 
  • Not possible in every situation 

Advantages of pipe replacement

  • Ability to choose type of material from a wide range of options 
  • Owner of the building or home can see progress of pipe replacement
  • Less susceptible to mistakes associated with installation procedures or methods 
  • Enables for better inspection of any other potential errors such as root damage or pest infestation
  • Can be done in almost all circumstances 

Disadvantages of pipe replacement

  • Higher labour costs
  • Reconstruction or rubbish removal expenses
  • More disruptive to lifestyle as the whole process can be extremely loud
  • Warranty is often shorter 
  • Damaging to surrounding environment such as your garden and even the sidewalk
  • Takes more time than some newer methods
  • Requires a team of professional plumbers

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