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Called for an emergency at the clinic and arrived quickly. Cut and welded a pipe for us in 10 minutes inbetween patients! Efficient and great service. Dave was very professional.

sam arellano
August 25, 2022

Dave & Kyle were brilliant. Great guys, communicated well and great value for money. Highly recommended.

July 29, 2022

Taryn, Dave and the team where a pleasure to deal with. We had a water booster installed. They were professional and on time, and a pleasure to deal with.

December 9, 2021

David was very professional and well organised. He was aware of the problem area immediately and had our drains unblocked within the hour. His charges were reasonable. I would highly recommend his services.

Mel Lissa
November 25, 2021
John Levisohn
November 18, 2021

Fabulous response fixing blocked sewer

Michael Mcauliffe
October 10, 2021

Excellent service including communication

Colin Lewis
July 19, 2021
Shraddha Weir
June 1, 2021

David was a lovely gentleman who was prompt and efficient in unclogging the drains. I was informed when he was on his way and sent a link to track his location so I knew exactly when he would arrive. He was polite and considerate and explained the issue to me once he had fixed it. Definitely will be using this service again! Very reliable!

Andrew Muthurajah
March 8, 2021

Responsive and good communication prior to arrival. Then professional and efficient work done

Sara Zoé
March 2, 2021

I used Sharpline for an old toilet with bad pipes and called as a matter of urgency. Chad from Sharpline was very punctual, great communication, so friendly and incredibly professional. He gave us advice and a heads up to what would need to happen to fix the issue long term (which at the time we weren't in a position to do). I highly recommend using Chad as a plumber.

Greg Yates
March 2, 2021

Good fast professional service. A job well done. Highly recommended.

dean scali
February 16, 2021
Hanna Henniker Heaton
February 15, 2021

Thank you Chad for your help with our plumbing emergency. Such friendly, efficient and professional service. Couldn't be happier

Patrick Riordan
February 15, 2021
natalie olsson
February 15, 2021

Chad and Dave arrived on time, they even sent a text message before arrival with their eta which was very appreciated. The job was done quickly and professionally and at a decent price - will definitely call them again should we need a plumber!

Elyse Sharp
January 31, 2021

Fast friendly and professional service whenever we use these guys. Our go to plumbers!

Biljana Kovac
January 22, 2021

Excellent service! The plumber David came on time and was very helpful. Received a call to check my availability as well as a message letting me know when the plumber was about to arrive at my place. All in all great experience

David Sharp
January 6, 2021
warwick saville
January 6, 2021

Professional, reliable and friendly service. Excellent communication and expertise. The team is happy to provide advice, explain solutions and follow up any plumbing issues. We would definitely recommend to everyone.

Andrew Liu
December 11, 2020

Great Service provided by Chad! Really on time, professional and great technical skills! Would definitely recommend anyone who needs to resolve urgent sewer or pipe issues! Thanks Chad and the entire team!

Vision Tutoring Beeram
November 27, 2020

David is the best professional and he keeps customer as first. It is nearly impossible to find a person like him

Lauren OConnor
November 26, 2020

The team were incredible to deal with in every aspect. Efficient, friendly and more than a decent price! Thanks for saving us.

Koirala Shailesh
August 27, 2020

Chad is very professional, he helped us solve the sewage problem with minimum possible cost and time. He is very friendly and co-operative. Very happy with his service and would definitely recommend him to anybody.

Patricia Williams
August 10, 2020

Refreshing to see a company committed to providing professional service. They arrived on time, went about clearing the blockage and cleaned up after themselves. Thank You for your excellent service!

Rhett White
July 30, 2020

Really impressed with the tradesman who arrived to fix our blocked drain issue. He took the time to explain the issue and offered a solution which solved our problem. Thanks again guys

July 15, 2020

Turned up to help with our sht situation on very short notice. Great price, friendly guys and quality job with a quick turn around. Really appreciate it, thank you!

Danielle Forrest
July 14, 2020

David did a great job. Persevered until the problem was fixed. Happy to recommend him to anyone needing fast, efficient service.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage? Exploring Common Culprits

Your plumbing system, an important yet often overlooked part of your property, can occasionally throw unexpected challenges your way. Imagine water backing up in your sinks or foul odors wafting from your drains – these signs might indicate sewer line damage. 

Knowing the root causes of these issues is essential for homeowners and businesses alike. 

In this article, we hope to shed light on the factors that can lead to sewer line damage and how an emergency plumber in Sydney can help. Get ready to discover the intriguing world beneath your floors and gardens, where everyday activities and environmental forces intersect in unexpected ways. Could your property be at risk? Let’s find out.

Tree Root Intrusions

How do tree roots cause blocked drains in Sydney? And do they also impact your sewer lines?

While a tree on your yard is a beautiful sight, it could be causing serious issues for your sewer lines. Tree roots have a knack for finding their way into small openings in pipes, causing blockages and potentially damaging the pipe structure over time. If you notice gurgling sounds from your drains or slow drainage, those persistent roots might be the culprit. A skilled emergency plumber in Sydney is equipped to handle such root invasions and get your plumbing back on track.

Ageing and Deterioration

Just like everything else, pipes have a lifespan. Older properties might have pipes made from materials that were common decades ago but are now prone to deterioration. If your property has clay or cast iron pipes, they could be showing signs of wear and tear. Cracks, corrosion and even collapsed sections are possible outcomes. These issues not only affect your plumbing’s efficiency but can also lead to leaks and even sewage backups. If you suspect your ageing pipes are causing problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to an emergency plumber in Sydney.

Grease Buildup

After a hearty Australian barbecue, it’s tempting to let the leftover grease and fat wash down the drain with a bit of detergent. However, this seemingly harmless act can have detrimental effects on your sewer lines. 

Grease and fat accumulate in pipes over time, constricting the flow and creating a perfect environment for clogs to form. This can result in slow drainage and even sewage backup into your home. An expert emergency plumber in Sydney would recommend disposing of grease properly and using drain screens to prevent any unwanted blockages.

Foreign Objects and Debris

It’s astonishing what can find its way into your plumbing system. From children’s toys to hygiene products, foreign objects can wreak havoc on your sewer lines. These items can get lodged in the pipes, cause blockages and potentially damage the pipes themselves. 

For instance, if a child accidentally flushes a toy down the toilet, it could lead to a major headache for homeowners. If you’re facing a plumbing emergency due to foreign objects, an emergency plumber will always be a call away.

Ground Shifting and Settling

Australia’s ever-changing landscape can sometimes pose unexpected challenges for your plumbing. Ground shifting due to geological activity, changes in soil composition or construction work can lead to misaligned pipes and cracks. These subtle changes can have significant consequences for your sewer lines, resulting in leaks and blockages. If you notice sudden changes in your plumbing’s performance or suspect ground shifting might be at play, an emergency plumber in Sydney can assess the situation and provide the necessary solutions.

Extreme Temperatures

Australia’s climate is known for its extremes, and these temperature variations can affect your plumbing system. In colder months, frozen ground can lead to shifting and potentially damaging pipes. Frozen pipes can crack or burst due to the expansion of water as it freezes. On the flip side, scorching temperatures can cause pipes to expand and contract, which can increase the risk of leaks or weakened joints. Experienced plumbers understand the challenges posed by extreme temperatures and can offer solutions to prevent and repair weather-related sewer line damage.

Construction and Excavation

Urban development and construction projects are a common sight in Sydney. While progress is essential, it can sometimes lead to unintended consequences for your plumbing system. Excavation work near your property can inadvertently damage sewer lines and cause leaks or blockages. Additionally, ground vibrations from construction machinery can shift pipes out of alignment. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues during or after construction in your area, well-trained plumbers can assess the situation and provide effective solutions.

Emergency Drains: Your Local Trusted Sydney Plumbers

At Emergency Drains, we understand the importance of a properly functioning plumbing system for both homeowners and businesses across Sydney. Our experienced and friendly team of plumbers is always ready to address sewer line damage and a wide range of plumbing issues. Whether you’re dealing with tree root intrusions, ageing pipes, grease buildup, foreign objects, ground shifting or any other plumbing concern, we’re here to provide efficient and effective solutions.

Don’t let sewer line damage disrupt your daily life. Contact us for reliable emergency plumbing services in Sydney.