What Should You Do If Your Water Is Green?

Dirty, contaminated, or discoloured water can be detrimental

If you are uncertain about the condition of your sewage drains or pipes, it is best to call a drain plumber or 24 hour emergency plumbers as they can come to your house at any time and any day. If you are looking for professional emergency plumbers to handle all your plumbing needs, Emergency Drains is here for you!

Why is your water green or blue?

You may notice green or blue discolouration in your water if there are higher than normal levels of copper in it. This may be the case if you are moving into a newly-built home, or a plumber has recently added new copper pipes in your household. A protective layer should form on the inside of the copper pipe that will stop this from happening within a few days of it being installed. On the other hand, the green or blue colour is because your pipes have not been replaced, when it should have been. When pipes are not replaced in the expected time period, they may break down and cause the discolouration in your water. Another cause of copper corrosion can be because when water is staying in the copper pipes for a long period of time.

When should you call a drain plumber?

You should call a drain plumber or a 24 hour plumber when you are concerned about your pipes. Replacement of your copper pipes, or pipe inspection can help you resolve your water quality issues. Dirty or contaminated water can be a warning sign that you need to engage with a drain plumber.

By hiring a drain plumber, you determine the root cause of the contaminated water and addressed any issues immediately to avoid further plumbing complications.

Is green or blue water harmful?

Green or blue water can be detrimental to your health if it is consumed excessively due to high levels of copper
Green or blue water can be detrimental to your health if it is consumed excessively | Emergency Drains

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines state that the level of copper in drinking water should be less than 2 miligram per litre to prevent any health issues and less than 1 milligram per litre to prevent taste and staining complications. Copper is essential for maintaining good health and occurs naturally in all animals and plants.

Green or blue water, or water that has high levels of copper can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and headaches. When you consume copper at high levels over many years, it can cause liver or kidney damage. Extreme consumption of copper can cause death. The good news is that excess copper is eliminated from your body within a few days. Your body system is also cleverly designed to prevent high levels of copper from entering your bloodstream. However, if you still feel unwell after a few days, it is recommended that you see a medical professional.

What should you do?

Drinking water from the water tap after flushing it
You should flush your cold water taps for a specified amount of time before using it | Emergency Drains

People can reduce their potential exposure to metals in drinking water by following the Department of Health’s recommended practices:

  • Water from cold taps should only be utilised for drinking, food preparation, and cooking 
  • Cold water taps should be flushed for around 30 seconds.  before it is used for drinking and cooking 
  • After long periods of not using your taps, cold water taps should be flushed around 2 to 3 minutes. This can be when when you come back from a holiday. After flushing, the water can then be used for drinking and cooking. This ‘flushed’ water can be collected and used for washing up, watering the garden, or other non-drinking uses

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Two to three milligrams of copper per day is essential for an individual to maintain good health. However, if you think you consume more than this amount, it can be detrimental. Reach out to a 24 hour plumber if you have any concerns, queries or are looking for a free consultation. You can also visit our website for more information about our services and about our company.

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