Why Is A CCTV Drain Inspection Useful?

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CCTV is one of the most useful strategies to unblock a drain. A camera is attached to a long cable that is inserted into the drain. It is then pushed down the drain giving real time, high-quality footage. The end product is a clear video that plumbers can use to identify the problem without having to dig underground. CCTV drain inspections are very useful for many reasons, including:

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CCTV Technology Protects Property

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The more traditional way of inspecting drains consists of digging very big areas of land. This leads to big areas of your yard being destroyed, consequently leading to extra costs when reconstructing the land back to how it was originally. It also requires heavier and bigger machinery with trained personnel to be able to operate it.

CCTV cameras eliminate this invasive method, which removes the need to destroy your yard – requiring less people and equipment.

The recorded video of your pipe also provides evidence of the condition of the pipe which can be used for future reference.

CCTV Drain Inspection Is Safer

CCTV drain inspections increase and maintain safety around the worksite. The simple cable and camera equiment is much safer in contrast with heavy digging machinery. Further, it is less disruptive with noise pollution. It is also more environmentally friendly.

Using CCTV to inspect drains also increases the safety as it removes the possibility of damaging other pipes. Accessing the pipes by digging up risks breaking or damaging other pipes in the process, such as gas pipes which would cause severe property and personal damage. In contrast, CCTV cameras easily slide through the drainage system whilst providing close to full 360 views of the pies.

CCTV is Cheaper

CCTV inspections reduce the time it takes to locate the problem within the pipe as it’s a simpler process. The plumber is able to view a detailed image of the problem. This makes it a lot easier for them to diagnose it and provide a cheaper solution without much hassle.

CCTV Drain Inspection is Efficient

For any blocked drains in Bondi or in Sydney, using CCTV cameras makes the process more time-efficient. In less time it provides a better image of what the problem is compared to manually digging up land to access the pipes. It also gives a more clear view of what the problem is with high resolution images. It is easier to locate any type of damage, particularly with small breaks and blockages that you can’t analyse well through the outside of the pipe.

CCTV Ensures Accuracy

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CCTV drain cameras are 100% accurate because you can see in real time what the inside of the pipes look like. They provide you with the complete picture of the problem, which was practically impossible prior to the usage of CCTV cameras.

Drainage blockages in your sewer pipes, storm water drains, or other pipes are caused by a number of different factors. This includes food or waste, debris, tree roots, and hygiene products. The different types of blockages usually have different outcomes which are fixed in different ways. This allows emergency plumbers to make a more informed and accurate solution.

Tree roots are often the cause of broken and blocked drains and need to be dug up. The CCTV camera allows for minimal excavation because the camera allows plumbers to pinpoint the exact location where the roots are causing the problem.

It can also provide a view of potential areas of concern inside your pipes that can be fixed before you have a problem.

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