The Best Time to Call A Plumber in Sydney Is Before Your Pipes Are Blocked

Emergency Drains Plumber Sydney to Prevent Blocked Pipe Relining

Calling a plumber in Sydney doesn’t cost much. Especially when compared to fixing a flooded apartment or house. But if you’re among the Sydneysiders who wish their pipes are not blocked or damaged to begin with, you can try fixing your pipes before they are even broken. 


Why Sydneysiders call a plumber when their pipes are not broken (yet) 

If you’re wondering why anyone would do this, think of it from Jack’s perspective. Jack lives in a two bedroom apartment with his fiancé in Sydney CBD. He detests leaking water pipes, so luckily his current housing doesn’t seem to have any problems so far. He did experience blocked pipes, but nothing more serious yet. 

Jack has two options. 

  • One, he can do nothing until one day his pipes get blocked or damaged, or his taps are leaking, and his apartment gets flooded. Then he will have to call a plumber – not a hassle since there are 24 hour plumbers in Sydney. After which he’ll have to clean up his flooded apartment. He’ll most likely have to report damages to his landlord, notify his neighbours, and so forth.
  • Two, he can call a plumber now. Because he noticed he often experiences blocked pipes in his apartment. Nothing big so far, but as people say, ignoring little things only makes them yell louder. 

If Jack chooses option one, his apartment eventually gets flooded, then he has to call a plumber. If Jack chooses option two, he’s calling a plumber in Sydney now. But what will he say to the plumber?

Jack can share the stories of how his pipes or sinks or drains have been having problems. Then, he can ask the plumbers if they can come over and check his pipes, see if maybe he needs a pipe relining. 


Pipe relining: what every plumbers in Sydney know  

Any plumbers worth their salt in Sydney will tell you that pipe relining is more cost-efficient than replacing your pipes. In most cases, you can get your pipes relined in one day. Much faster than the few days a pipe replacement would take. 

Not to mention, relining your pipes makes them more durable than simply replacing them. Relined pipes can even last up to 50 years! This is why pipe replacement usually gets you a one year warranty, while you can get a 30 years warranty with pipe relining. 

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do pipe relining. So call your trusted plumbers in Sydney and check if you can get your pipe relined. 


It costs $0 to call a plumber in Sydney 

If you can have long-lasting, working pipes without ever flooding your apartment or house, why wait until your home is wrecked before getting your pipes fixed? A stitch in time saves nine, and it costs $0 to call plumbers in Sydney. If you call Emergency Drains plumbers, that is. 

This family-operated, locally-owned plumbing business in Sydney also offers 30-year warranty on all Sydney pipe relining installations. So call Emergency Drains now on 1300 524 474 or click here to check out what they can do for you.