Should I Call Emergency Plumbers for Blocked Drain?

Emergency Plumbers from Emergency Drains to Solve Blocked Drain

Some emergency drain problems require professional help, but you may be able to solve others on your own. So which drain mishaps can you solve by yourself, and which require you to call emergency plumbers


Drain problems you can solve without emergency plumbers 

Sometimes a blocked drain can be solved with simple tools or DIY tricks. These minor plumbing problems do not require you calling emergency plumbers

It doesn’t mean you can’t call them, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry. However, if you encounter troubles such as leftover food bits slightly clogging your kitchen sinks or hair slightly clogging your bathroom drains, you can also opt to try these fix-it-yourself tips before calling a plumber.


How to fix slightly clogged sinks and blocked drains without emergency plumbers

  • Grab your sink plunger

Kitchen sink plunger is not the same as a toilet plunger, so make sure you have the right tool. The plunger needs a tight seal around it to work. 

For a clogged kitchen sink, this means an additional step. If your kitchen has a double sink, seal off the drain you are not plunging with a stopper to ensure the air you’re pumping in goes down the pipes instead of escaping through the other drain. 

Watch: How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink with a Plunger

Then, place the plunger over the drain and give your clogged sink around 10 firm pumps. You’ll hear the suction clearing the clog. That’s your sign to remove your plunger and flush your now no longer clogged sink with warm or hot water for a few minutes.

If you didn’t hear the suction clearing the clog even after pumping your plunger, try our other DIY solution to your minor drain blockage problems.  


  • Pour baking soda and salt to your clogged drain

Mix half a cup of baking soda and salt, then pour it down your clogged drain. Leave it for a few hours, then flush your clogged sink or drain with boiling water. 

You can repeat the process if your drain or sink is still clogged. Or, you can try a more professional solution. 


When to call emergency plumbers

If you have no prior experience in solving or judging how severe a blocked drain or clogged sink problem is, you may want to call emergency plumbers as soon as you see the drain not draining. 

Other signs your drain problems are not as minor as you thought include these situations. 


  • Drain flooding

When your drains are flooded, you may have a bigger problem underneath. Blocked drains or broken pipes can cause drain flooding, and this situation often quickly escalate. 

Waiting until your apartment is flooded or the water leaking to the next room may be a little too late, so it’s a great thing emergency plumbers are available 24 hours in Sydney and can arrive at your place within 90 minutes. 


  • Slow-flowing water or low water pressure

The water is flowing slower than usual (and not because you’re switching to the government’s recommended low-flow taps)? Sounds like a problem that will go away on its own if you just ignore it. Except this is how most people find themselves in much more dire situations.

Slow-flowing water is often a sign that your drainage system has a more troubling issue, such as a blockage or a broken pipe. Leaving it untreated will lead to flooding or a burst water pipe, which means your home will be flooded or worse! 

So call emergency plumbers as soon as you notice your water is flowing less fast than usual!


  • Weird sounds and bad smell 

If you notice weird, unusual sounds or bad smell from bathroom drain or kitchen sink, chances are your drain is blocked. 

Blocked shower drains, bathtub, toilets, or kitchen sinks can cause this bad smell. In a way, a bad smell is a good thing. Because, it immediately alerts you that something is wrong with your pipes or drains. This gives you time to call emergency plumbers long before you start experiencing flooding or leakage. 


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