Uncommon Cases For Emergency Plumbers

uncommon cases for emergency plumbers

Not all problems are created equal, and those that occur around the household are especially in the realm of those with our sympathies at Emergency Drains.
A simple blocked drain? Your washing machine won’t drain out dirty water properly down its pipage, affecting the clothes you might have for the week. Harmful bacteria and pathogens could develop in backed up water, affecting your health and livelihood. Water levels in your toilet could rise and stagnate, giving cause for cultures of bacteria to start forming, upsetting the hygiene of your home.

Just one problem has the potential to branch into multiples of week-ruining issues – and often, the fix for these problems aren’t readily available to victims without the appropriate tools and know-how.
Although home remedies can exist to the best degree as a great money-saving means of solving simple fixtures around the home, there comes a point when calling in a 24 hour plumber can’t be avoided any more.
So who needs emergency plumbers the most – even if you think they don’t? Let’s have a look.


No Hot Water

Beyond being an artefact of lifestyle and preference, not having hot water running in your home could influence how sanitary your surroundings are – with only cold water, grease and oil emulsify, and bacteria can remain on surfaces without the appropriate heat to kill. Businesses dependent on heat, like restaurants, hairdressers or other services could also operationally stagger  without a ready supply.

Making sure that there’s no pipe leakage, or that the pressure relief valve from your water storage is sufficiently open and without damage are both solutions that can apply here, and emergency plumbers are the first to call.


Busted Pipes

Simple remedies won’t fix water leaks wherever you have a burst pipe, particularly where you can’t visibly see or handily access the damage. The problem here is that the excess water runoff from the area could affect infrastructure and groundwork materials that are essential to the strength and integrity of a given building. 

Water seepage around your kitchen area, floor and marks around your walls are all concerning signs for potential pipe damage, and should be a rallying call for an emergency plumber as quickly as possible.


Rusting Pipes

The presence of a piercing, iron-like smell and brown, muddy water in your water is normally a sign of rust, and could potentially be coming from your pipes.

In the long term, persistent rust could be dangerous if consumed regularly – not due to the rust itself, thankfully, but because of its peripheral effects. Rusting pipes could mean the development of coliform bacteria on the inside of the pipe, which although isn’t entirely harmful, could be an indication of a flow of nutrients in the pipe, caused by rust corrosion. This might mean your pipes are getting a little too old, and in need of replacement for modern pipes, which constitute material less prone to rusting, like copper and PVC.


Convinced? Emergency Drain provides a 24 hour service, so reach out for a solution at any point your problem becomes too much to handle!